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Made by us

– Our product line

After 30 years in the lighting business, as well as research in the realm of style and artistic taste, we at Enrico Neri & Co s.n.c. decided to launch our own product line.

Working closely with the best Murano glass masters, we created new lighting concepts that bring together nostalgia for the past and a view for future innovation.

Below you can find the series of trihedron (three-sided) lamps and the glass flowers hand crafted by our Murano masters.

Our clients can request bespoke shapes, colours and dimensions rather than the ones outlined below.

– Unique pieces (Nero series)

We work closely with various artisans who have been developing new lighting concepts for years.

The items created by our artisans are all unique in their style and no copies exist.

Each item is identified with the signature Nero, a pseudonym which we use to group a series of creations, in order to focus on the creation itself rather than the artist.

Each item has its own beauty which tells its story to whomever is willing to listen.


Flower series:

Wall sconce with Murano flowers

Ceiling lights with Murano Flowers

Ceiling lights with Murano Flowers

Chandelier with Murano Flowers

Chandelier with Murano Flowers

Trihedron wall sconce series:

Trihedron wall sconce – 50 cm

Trihedron wall sconce – 70 cm

Unique Pieces (Nero)

Orange wall sconce – 70 cm

Trihedron wall sconce – 1 m

Round Ceiling Lights

Orange wall sconces – 50 cm

Table Lamp with Murano Flowers

Table Lamps with Murano Flowers

Milk Glass Chandelier

White Murano Chandelier